Arizona Department of Public Safety Private Investigative Agency # 1569631

Founded in 1994, the most important thing Maverick does for its clients is give them what they need, when they need it. That style and level of service sets us apart from the rest. Maverick treats every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch and a style that cannot be matched.

Maverick Worldwide Solutions and Maverick Investigations are two separate Organizations.

Maverick Investigations operates under its licensure, certification, and registration in Arizona, Alabama, Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Maverick Investigations is limited to and adheres to the rules and regulations in regards to Private Investigators in each of these states and only operates in these states.

In all other US States and other countries outside of the US, Maverick Worldwide Solutions, operating from an other than US Office location, contracts professional services out to licensed professionals in their licensed operational areas such as Maverick Investigations.

Statement of Licensure. Because of the miriad Counties, States, Provinces, Cities, and Municipalities located around the world in which we work, each with its own licenses, regulations, rules, permits, Maverick Investigations and Maverick Worldwide Solutions would be acting in an advisory or consultantcy capacity, directing, co-ordinating, or overseeing, the various operations. An appropriately licensed agency, specifically licenced or permited in the paticular practice, would be utilized by us to accomplish any and all of the services offered by Maverick Investigations or Maverick Worldwide Solutions advertised or solicited on this website and or on any of our websites or in discussions by electronic communications or written documents. Each of the management companies that have been contracted by Maverick Investigations or Maverick Worldwide Solutions to manage and oversee each of its divisions are also included in this Statement of Licensure.

Construction and License Disclaimer Multiple licenses for various projects when required will be the responsibility of the client. Multiple licenses are subject to Government regulations worldwide for each respective state, province, country, county, city or municipality. We utilize local contractors in these areas. Please ensure that you are compliant with these and/or any other agencies. Maverick Investigations or Maverick Worldwide Solutions and their contractors shall not be held responsible, liable, or be subject to any liability, civil or criminal liability or penalty. Please be advised that local areas have building codes and rules and generally require permits or permission to erect buildings, structures, or make modifications. Maverick Investigations shall be held harmless and indemnified by the client under any contractual arrangements, assignments, training, exercise or event, including but not limited to any construction or installation.

This website is owned by Maverick Worldwide Solutions. Maverick Worldwide Solutions is not based in the United States. Many of the subcontractors (exempli gratia, Maverick Investigations) are based in the U.S. Each is licensed and bonded to practice in their state of origin. As are many of the other International subcontrators on this site. Each is responsible for their licesure for its specialty, and are so licensed. Any services offered or advertised on this site are for worldwide internet viewing and therefore are under each countries laws and regulations. This should be considered when viewers of this site are considering using the services offered on this site. Not all services will be available due to restrictions of the country or countries in which the services will be provided.

​Maverick Investigations only conducts business under their licensure in the appropriate states where so licensed. All other services are provided by Maverick Worldwide Solutions in the United States in the states were approved or permitted and elswhere in the world where approved or permitted. This website has not yet been completed. It is to be considered as a website for entertainment purposes only until corrections have been made and the website is reviewed by the Legal Division and deemed completed by the owner.