Arizona Department of Public Safety Private Investigative Agency # 1569631

Arizona State Legislature Arizona Law 32-2401. Definitions, describes a Private Investigator as

"Private investigator" means a person other than an insurance adjuster or an on-duty peace officer as defined in section 1-215 who, for any consideration, engages in business or accepts employment to: (a) Furnish, agree to make or make any investigation for the purpose of obtaining information with reference to:

(i) Crime or wrongs done or threatened against the United States or any state or territory of the United States.

(ii) The identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation or character of any person or group of persons.

(iii) The credibility of witnesses or other persons.

(iv) The whereabouts of missing persons, owners of abandoned property or escheated property or heirs to estates.

(v) The location or recovery of lost or stolen property.

(vi) The causes and origin of, or responsibility for, a fire, libel, slander, a loss, an accident, damage or an injury to real or personal property. (b) Secure evidence to be used before investigating committees or boards of award or arbitration or in the trial of civil or criminal cases and the preparation therefor.

(c) Investigate threats of violence and provide the service of protection of individuals from serious bodily harm or death.


Maverick has a Special Branch that consist of Battle Hardened, Very Experienced Veterans in the "War Against Theft / Organized Theft / Smuggling" They will reduce the contraband items that flow across your Corporate or Company  borders. At their disposal is all the specialized sections and services of MWS.

Former Federal Agents, Sheriff's Officers and Police Detectives.

The Strategic Goal of this Group is to: Substantially reduce the flow of stolen merchandise, products, or company equipment, from flowing out of your bottom line.

Strategic Objectives of this Group is to:

1. Enhance intelligence capabilities .

2. Interdict and return the merchandise, products, or stolen company equipment.

3. Ensure the prosecution of all significant cases.

4. Disrupt and dismantle any organized theft.

5. Enhance counter theft technologies for detection and interdiction.

6. Enhance cooperation regarding joint counter-theft efforts with all your local law enforcement agencies.

Maverick's Electronic Motion and Seismic Sensing equipment both disguised as everyday public utilities or buried can aid in anti-theft operations by alerting of a secured area entry or used in a series to guide Agents who respond quickly to apprehend.

Narcotics Seizures from Patrols responding to Electronic Sensor indications and hidden cameras

Maverick's technicians can install rotating night vision cameras to monitor large areas or hidden cameras at pinpoint locations

Maverick can design and build permanent or temporary barriers of metal, concrete or earth to help control illegal "high flow" entry points with periodic manned guard shacks in any type of terrain or environment